Sunday, March 24, 2013

Social Fresh East Conference. 

Tampa, Fl- tony Batman’s A Entertainment News – Way back in the day, well 2004, it was said that where sex and tech mix there is money to be made. And that the adult industry had been on the cutting edge of technology and leading innovations which then spread to the rest of the Fortune 500 companies. An article back in 2004 from USA Today quotes lots of the technologies advanced by the adult industry. These included many areas from video-streaming, fee based subscriptions, pop up ads and electronic billing.
But as recently this month the Techcitment blog reports that it is said that the old school adult industry believe they are cutting edge but the young guns of the industry disagree and feel the adult industry is struggling to play catchup. Many individual actors and performers are very current and leading the adult industry in their understanding and use of social media, but many of these younger individuals in the industry feel that the companies themselves are missing a great opportunity and will be left behind.
Maybe in the Adult industry we are too busy playing with other things than to play catch up. So its time to get our hands out of our pants and see what we can do and if indeed we are missing any opportunities and what those opportunities and innovations are. A brilliant chance is coming to Tampa next month in the form of Social Fresh Conference East.
The 17th and 18th of April 2013 will see this conference hosted at Double Tree by Hilton Hotels. Social Fresh is a social media education company whose goal is to inspire people to better businesses through social media. With two days packed with speakers from all sectors of industry it will prove to be an education that will deliver great, fresh ideas and help those lagging in this area and hopefully give us a glimpse into the future of social media.
Speakers will cover areas such as lessons learned from the 2012 elections, keys to success using Face book ads and social promotion, and word of mouth – your ultimate distribution channel.
We at the A Entertainment News, originating from, Our On Line broadcast Network,,  all our fabulous sites are going to be attending, it is an exciting opportunity to be at such an event with speakers from all sectors of industry including Kevin Vine of Dunkin Donuts, Ryan Cohn of Sachs Media, Jason Keath of Social Fresh and Spike Jones of WCG, amongst many other speakers.
We can’t wait to be there and see what knowledge we can bring back to our Adult biz industry and share with you all too. As different as all these industries are; social media is arguably a make or break tool for companies.
Watch out here for updates, tips and innovations during the convention and see who we can talk to while there. The adult industry is always on the look out for the next fresh idea or look, so lets see what we can find at this event.
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