Sunday, April 22, 2012

1st annual miss pinup america

Ybor City, FL- Tony Batman’s A Entertainment News- A short time ago the people of Pinup America Magazine put on the first ever American Pin Up Burlesque Festival in the historical Ybor City near Tampa Florida. Our A Entertainment News correspondent Sarah Wood attended the show and sent this story and photos…. Please Read Below and See Photos………
1st Annual American Pin Up Burlesque Festival 2012 Where More is Less and Rockabilly meets 202
Written by Sarah Wood
This event took place for the first time this past weekend in Ybor, Tampa Florida. Produced by Tampa based PinUp America Inc, the festival was held in the amazing Cuban Club. There were wall to wall sexy women, in fabulous vintage 1940s and 1950s outfits. The Miss PinUp America, like traditional pageants had different categories and I loved the evening gown and of course the swimsuit section. the great music of the 40s and 50s was a  great backdrop along with  some of the most amazing body art is what takes it up a notch from the original concept back in the day. At the end of the evening Ms Noelle Cherie was crowned the first Miss PinUp America, and she is a hot body.
Burlesque is the art of the tease. Stripping slowly and sexily, who wouldn’t love it. Burlesque recalls the simpler days of the early 1900s , when stripping was very very naughty. The tease is the glimpse of flesh slowly unveiled, amazing outfits of corsets, stockings, feathers and fans slowed peeled off to reveal the dancer for a glimpse at the end.
Ms Vita Devoid did  a show reliving an I Love Lucy Show, everyone loved it, it was very funny but a bit lost on this Brit. I loved how she ended her skit with a burlesque dance to “To Drunk to Fuck” by the Dead Kennedy’s. Now that is a classic update on an old show.
This girls next foray into the world of Burlesque was to join a workshop on how to put a dance together and learn some of the sexy moves. I learned from the most talented Contessa  how to take off long gloves in the sexiest way ever, how to dance using a chair and how to strip without revealing anything until the very end. After my turn I sat back and watch some brilliant stage burlesque shows by troupes, individuals and both men and women. Boylesque getting a spotlight in the festival also.
Sexy clothes, sexy people, brilliant music and body art, what more could one ask for in a weekend festival. Oh did I forget to mention the classic hot rod car show and motorbike show outside also,
next year a must for everyone.