Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Fetish Con 2013

Fetish Con Tampa 2013

Is Tampa becoming the center for Cons of all shapes and forms. It seems each weekend I am invited to attend one. This past weekend was, of course, one of slutzy.com favorites... Fetish Con... 2013. Tony Batman, Planet Platypus and A Entertainment News asked me to go and take a look at the shenanigans. 

Having attended and worked at the Con for several years, this year was just for fun for me, and I looked forward to getting my kink on for the weekend.

Saturday I wandered the vendor floor, the usual mixture of toys, clothes and people, I love to see all the fetish wear and see what has come up new for this year. This year even more pin up and 1950s wear was available and was looking fabulous on all the girls around. I am not sure that Betty Paige or Natalie Wood would have worn latex 50s outfits but it looked and felt amazing. One of the seminars this year was on keeping a 1950s household, where men are men and women worship them. Traditional roles are adhered to, and the man is the master of his house.

Sunday night was a first for me, normally being worn out by then I have never attended the Fetish Ball. So amped up on some energy drinks to keep me awake I waited for the ballroom to open.

Slightly unnerving the first entrainment of the evening were the fire alarms going off, it seems the stage shows were practicing with equipment and the smoke machines set off the alarms, as the fetishists wandered around a couple of very hunky firemen came to investigate. Now firemen in uniform at a fetish event seemed very appropriate just more clothed than the rest of us.. sadly.

The pop up bars around the room provided great places to catch up with old friends who by now could relax and enjoy the evening before packing up and heading home.

The ball, well it is not a ball first off, it is like a vaudeville show, comprised of many acts, from the beautiful Evalyn Rose pouring what looked like hot red wax over herself. In actual fact is was sticky sugary liquid, very tasty on a very tasty lady.

The next show I had waited for with anticipation after meeting the cast and crew the day before. Mistress Saharra Huxly was making her debut at Fetcon this year. Their booth in the vendor hall rivaled clips for sale in size and crowds. The back of the booth played porn and in the front several lovely young ladies were tied and suspended and subtly tortured. They even were taken around the hall in a cage pulled by a male slave with Mistress Huxly sitting proudly on top.

Saharra Huxly, is a dominatrix, pro dom, clips for sale contributor, teacher of doms/subs and general bad ass. An ex Marine and body builder she is Amazon in stature and has a personality to match.

The show was elaborately built around her, with a drum band backing and creating atmosphere, she enters the stage with several slaves first in a cage and then one is chosen and strung from the frame with wonderful rope work and then flogged in front of and displayed to the audience. This Mistress is one to keep an eye on in the Fetish world.

Following Mistress Saharra Huxly was the Reverend B Dangerous freak show. the first time I had ever seen his act.. a weird and scary act consisting of hurting himself in various strange forms, like stapling things to his body, snorting worms and spitting them out of his nose were among the stomach churning activities on stage. I did enjoy the female super hero who went at his crotch with a sledge hammer.

In the words of Dr Hook. “I was freakin at the Freakers Ball” and I enjoyed every moment.

Ready for next year!
Sarah Wood