Monday, January 21, 2013

Valentines Day and Chocolate

This weekend in Tampa, MOSI hosted a Chocolate Festival, a rather fabulous affair for us chocoholics, so much to choose from, so much to learn and so much to eat. But the event  did get me thinking about how chocolate has become so important to Valentines day and why it has the association with the celebration. 

While finding some cool Valentines products for our range on, i was surprised to see even in the sex toy industry how much is inspired by chocolate smells and tastes. 

It starts with the rather famous Aztec ruler Montezuma. 2,000 years ago ish, chocolate was discovered and revered, made into wonderful frothy drinks to honor the gods with on special occasions. Montezuma himself developed the habit of drinking some before entering his harem as it was believed to have aphrodisiac properties. 

In the 16th Century Christopher Columbus brought it back to Europe and the legends grew around its mythical powers. At one time Nuns were forbidden to have any, as it was thought so strong and aphrodisiac. And those wonderful French doctors used it to treat "broken hearts". 

A company close to this Brits heart Cadbury of England in the 1800s brought chocolate to the masses and in 1861 Richard Cadbury made the first heart shaped box for Valentines day. 

So when indulging in some chocolate fun on Valentines day, like some chocolate body paint or powder, think back and thank those early people for finding such a wonderfully decadent treat for us all. 


Friday, January 11, 2013

How to buy a .......................

How to choose a vibrator perfect for you 

After years of meeting women at sex toy parties that I run, it has become very apparent that for many people when buying a vibrator,  it is a hit and miss non exact science. There is nothing worse than spending hard earned money on a toy to find it leaves you hanging.

So today's blog is just to give a few pointers on what to think about when making those fun purchases. 

So major things to factor in when you are looking at starting or adding to your toy collection;

Type of orgasm you are looking for. To begin with think about what type of orgasm you have, and what type of orgasm you want to have. It is a waste of effort to buy a g spot toy if you only have clitoral orgasm, but if you want to learn how to have g spot orgasms then you need a g spot toy.
If buying one with clitoral stimulator, think whether you like that stimulator to be harder or softer, all the little stimulators are different in this aspect.
Think about how much vibration you like, you can have one with 10 different speeds, but also three speeds may work just as well for you.
With a penetrative vibrator  think how you like the feel of the shaft, do you like it hard and solid, or something more flexible.

When you start out buying your toys, go for a medium price range, save the expensive all singing all dancing ones until you know what you like and what does it for you. That way you wont have a $200 vibrator sat in your nightstand collecting dust. 

Finally if you look after your toys they will look after you, keep them separated so the material doesn't degenerate and get nasty. I love the sugar sak product for this. Clean them often. A quick spray with a cleaner and wipe down is what you need to do this quickly and effectively.  This will all help your toy last longer. Happy toys make for happy owners!!!


Sunday, January 6, 2013

Miss Pole Champ USA Tampa Fl 2013

Miss Pole Champ USA.

The date; January 5th 2013, the place; The Pink Pony Tampa, Fl. was the spot for the Southern heat of the MissPoleChampUSA contest. The Pink Pony was packed, standing room only. As we enter, the stage is lit and the regular club girls are dancing. It is a full nude strip club, so no drinking, but made up for by the cute girls on the stage, doing their thing and doing it well.

Tony Batmann is there from A Entertainment News, he is hosting along with last years winner Katie Sutra. She looks resplendent in a long silver sparkly evening gown. Tony as ever is on form, chatting, laughing, telling jokes and getting the crowd ready for a great evening. 

There are 10 contestants for this heat of the competition, all dancing sets have to be within strict time restrictions, and they are judged on a number of criteria. The judges line the stage and make notes on each girl, costume, music, transition from one to another pole, particular moves and all the other details. 

The girls all look good, and close to where I am standing a number of them warm up, stretching. Wow they are flexible and strong.. (note to self; time to start pole dancing lessons.) Not being used to seeing regular dancers warm up, these girls are serious. As they should be as there is serious money and a title to compete for.

As the girls compete, we see amazing aerobatic moves to great music. The pole is used with precision to make it look like an Olympic sport. A bit like when you watch motor sports i am waiting for the accident, someone to fall off the pole or something, but luckily  none of them do. A couple of fast descents down the pole has us all catching our breath. 

I, of course, had a couple of favorite dancers I was routing for, but they all did a great job, sexy, hot and talented, what else can you ask for on a pole. One of my favorite came out dressed as a boxer, short sexy robe, gloves, mask, and boots. The music was awesome and she was as energetic as a boxer in a light weight bout. Another had a burlesque flair to her, with silver sparkles and dark heavy beat burlesque jazz music to start off her routine. 

Check out the website at and if you can go to another regional heat. It is a lot of fun to watch. 

Congratulations to Vayda Kiss for winning last night. Good luck to all the dancers who competed, and best wishes to those in the next heats.

Sarah - 

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Some Of Our Favorite Toys Of 2012

Of course everyone has their favorite toy or toys. Some of us have whole toy chests filled to brim.

The ones that stand out for me this year, some are old favorites that people are discovering and some are newly designed or new improved models.

1. Icicles Flogger and Dildo.
This is a beautifully designed toy with rave reviews from our customers. It is a delightful mix of two toys, a glass dildo and a soft suede flogger. Duel purpose, the dildo can be warm or icy like any glass toy, but mixed with the leather floggers it takes play to another level. Used for sensation play and impact play depending on how you like your flogging. 

2. Shane Diesel Dildo. Well what can I say about this one, take home your favorite porn star and play to your hearts content or until other parts of you are content. A life size replica of  one of the best bits of his anatomy. 

3. Ohmibod club vibe 2.  This is the ultimate public play toy. It is a discrete vibe that sits in its own panties or your own panties. The remote control can be controlled by you or a friend and covers a good distance. With a number of settings of intensity it has everything to suit everyone. The best bit about this one is that you are able to put it on club mode, which makes it vibrate to music. Dance yourself to orgasm.

4. Bgee Massager. A sleek design, made just to hit that g spot. A great toy for g spot beginners and explorers as well as the old hands at it. Gets to the spot easy without cranking your wrist in a difficult positions. Brilliant is what our customers say.

5. Super Head Honcho.  One for the guys. Award winning designed male masturbater. Has three suction chambers to heighten the pleasure and make things feel even better than good. From our reviews it feels like the real thing. 

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Not only do we make new years resolutions about our health and wealth and many other aspects of our lives. We also need to think about our most intimate lives and loves, and its a good time to take stock of what we are doing, have done and would like to try. Easy to get into a routine for many people, its time to wipe the slate clean and start fresh. Yes you may feel you are the most brilliant lover around, but even Casanova knew everyone could improve.

The Top 5 Resolutions that people make;

1. Treat your partner
Being unselfish is a wonderful aphrodisiac, make a great sex date for the both of you, and plan it carefully, whether its buying your partner a gift and presenting it to them surrounded by candles and roses and wine, or setting up a naked picnic in front of your favorite movie in your own front room. Doing something just for your partner will make you both feel great.

2. Make a list of your fantasies. OK this can be hard to put them down on paper, but once you do, they are easier to come to life. Explore your fantasies, script them and this will then give you the words to share them with your partner, and approach the subject. For the more impractical of fantasies writing it down, writing your own personal erotica will help fulfill that fantasy.

3. Introduce a new toy or two. We all love toys, they are fun and sexy. This year think about a new toy that you have wanted to try, set a sexy date with yourself or with a partner and try it out. Alternatively ask your partner to surprise you with a toy they have always wanted to use, you can do them same for them. What a great toy swap that will be. 

4. Dressing for bed. We all know dressing for sex is fun, we feel sexy, look sexy and the slow removal or lack of removal is enticing and a turn on. Discover some new outfits for that evening with your partner. Once you have written your fantasies the choice of outfit may come very easily.

5. Explore. From the beginning of time exploring has been fun and exciting. Think about those things you have wanted to try, research them and make them happen. Even if you hate it (and that is doubtful) it is great to explore and see what else you may like. It may be anal sex, BDSM, swinging, or threesomes, explore. Remember Safe, Sane and Consensual are great cornerstones for exploring. You could surprise yourself finding things you never knew you would enjoy. 

Enjoy the coming year in every way. A happy sex life, makes a healthier mind and body and who knows what you will achieve in the new year.