Thursday, November 22, 2012

One of the most talked about of sex toys is ben wa balls - I get asked about them at parties I present, I get email questions about them & is selling alot of them. The 50 Shades craze has also added to this conversation, do you remember this from the book: “He holds out his hand, and in his palm are two round, shiny, silver balls, linked with a thick black thread” (50 Shades of Grey)
So I felt it was time to chat about the balls in some detail in a blog.

Ben wa balls have a long and varied history, they have been around since approximately 500AD. Starting out in ancient Asian countries, they are now used for many reasons all over the world.

Originally inserted into the vagina during intercourse to enhance the experience for men, women discovered their orgasm inducing properties as well.

The balls are generally made from metal or plastic and are hollow, inside is often a smaller heavier ball to give them weight and sometime sounds. 

Now a days we use them for many reasons. Ben wa balls help strengthen the vaginal muscles and tone the pelvic floor muscles. OB/GYNs have some patients use them to help with issues that come from pelvic floor weakness like mild urinary incontinence. Like Kegel exercises they help the muscles strengthen. 

Also used to stimulate the vagina, some women wearing them find they can cause orgasms, some women find using them sexually stimulating and a big turn on.

The balls can be used for a few minutes to as long as a few hours. Starting with lighter larger balls, and as the muscles tone,  smaller heavier ones can be used.
As the muscles flex to hold the balls inside, blood flows to the area, and with blood flow comes horniness. Some women find they are constantly sexually aroused while they have them in.

As the muscles strengthen these wonderful love muscles are then able grip a penis harder and milk a penis. 

Using them as foreplay is great fun also, call your lover and have her insert them while at work, or a ball game, and both of you will know, no one else will, its a fun dirty little secret sex game for the both of you. 

So how to use these little wondrous balls. Find your pelvic muscles, easiest done by stopping the flow of urine while peeing. Those muscles are the ones that you will be exercising.

Before you use them the first time, empty your bladder, insert the balls. They will not get lost or stuck in your body. So put them in as far as you like. Then practise...tighten the muscles for 3 to 5 seconds and let go. Then keep repeating. The more you do it the stronger your muscles will be and the longer you can hold them. 

As you get more confident with them, wear them anywhere, at any time. I always suggest starting doing it at home, as a sudden ball loss in the supermarket will not be much fun to explain to the mum of the small boy who picks it up thinking he has found a marble. 

However you enjoy ben wa balls and for whatever reason you use them, choose weight and size carefully, ensure you keep them clean and looked after. And most of all enjoy the newly strengthened and stimulated muscles. 

ben wa

Monday, October 1, 2012

Bare Dare, Caliente Resort. Sept 2012

What a wild day I had today. The wonderful nudist resort Caliente in Land o Lakes Fl, was the spot for the annual 5k Bare Dare. A 5k race around the grounds there. 

This was my first ever naked race, and not being a runner I was there helping one of the sponsors: Perfectly Bare, a laser hair removal company. Arriving at 6.30am, bleary eyed from little sleep, The first person I encountered after the guard gate, was a naked runner, obviously in warm up mode. 

I had been wondering for a few days if people would actually run naked. The thought of all those boobs and willies bouncing up and down was rather to much for me. Wouldn't that be painful???????? 

As dawn broke, the lines started at the registration tent, and yes the majority of the 250 runners were naked. Most wore shoes and socks, a couple were bare foot and a few were clothed. But as i sit, waking up, I am surrounded by around 200 penises. Every shape, size and color i have ever seen. It was like an out of control crayon box. 

Boobs, what a great thing they are... and today big ones, small ones, real ones, enhanced ones, all bounced across my eyes. And this was all before breakfast. 

The race is great and the organizers very professional and know what they are doing, another is planned for central Florida soon. I can't wait. Caliente is a wonderful resort, amazing pools, landscaping and great staff enhance the experience for everyone. We all felt well looked after. Once the race had finished and prizes given, it was time to strip off and chill by the pool for while. 

Sunday, April 22, 2012

1st annual miss pinup america

Ybor City, FL- Tony Batman’s A Entertainment News- A short time ago the people of Pinup America Magazine put on the first ever American Pin Up Burlesque Festival in the historical Ybor City near Tampa Florida. Our A Entertainment News correspondent Sarah Wood attended the show and sent this story and photos…. Please Read Below and See Photos………
1st Annual American Pin Up Burlesque Festival 2012 Where More is Less and Rockabilly meets 202
Written by Sarah Wood
This event took place for the first time this past weekend in Ybor, Tampa Florida. Produced by Tampa based PinUp America Inc, the festival was held in the amazing Cuban Club. There were wall to wall sexy women, in fabulous vintage 1940s and 1950s outfits. The Miss PinUp America, like traditional pageants had different categories and I loved the evening gown and of course the swimsuit section. the great music of the 40s and 50s was a  great backdrop along with  some of the most amazing body art is what takes it up a notch from the original concept back in the day. At the end of the evening Ms Noelle Cherie was crowned the first Miss PinUp America, and she is a hot body.
Burlesque is the art of the tease. Stripping slowly and sexily, who wouldn’t love it. Burlesque recalls the simpler days of the early 1900s , when stripping was very very naughty. The tease is the glimpse of flesh slowly unveiled, amazing outfits of corsets, stockings, feathers and fans slowed peeled off to reveal the dancer for a glimpse at the end.
Ms Vita Devoid did  a show reliving an I Love Lucy Show, everyone loved it, it was very funny but a bit lost on this Brit. I loved how she ended her skit with a burlesque dance to “To Drunk to Fuck” by the Dead Kennedy’s. Now that is a classic update on an old show.
This girls next foray into the world of Burlesque was to join a workshop on how to put a dance together and learn some of the sexy moves. I learned from the most talented Contessa  how to take off long gloves in the sexiest way ever, how to dance using a chair and how to strip without revealing anything until the very end. After my turn I sat back and watch some brilliant stage burlesque shows by troupes, individuals and both men and women. Boylesque getting a spotlight in the festival also.
Sexy clothes, sexy people, brilliant music and body art, what more could one ask for in a weekend festival. Oh did I forget to mention the classic hot rod car show and motorbike show outside also,
next year a must for everyone.