Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Fetish Con 2013

Fetish Con Tampa 2013

Is Tampa becoming the center for Cons of all shapes and forms. It seems each weekend I am invited to attend one. This past weekend was, of course, one of slutzy.com favorites... Fetish Con... 2013. Tony Batman, Planet Platypus and A Entertainment News asked me to go and take a look at the shenanigans. 

Having attended and worked at the Con for several years, this year was just for fun for me, and I looked forward to getting my kink on for the weekend.

Saturday I wandered the vendor floor, the usual mixture of toys, clothes and people, I love to see all the fetish wear and see what has come up new for this year. This year even more pin up and 1950s wear was available and was looking fabulous on all the girls around. I am not sure that Betty Paige or Natalie Wood would have worn latex 50s outfits but it looked and felt amazing. One of the seminars this year was on keeping a 1950s household, where men are men and women worship them. Traditional roles are adhered to, and the man is the master of his house.

Sunday night was a first for me, normally being worn out by then I have never attended the Fetish Ball. So amped up on some energy drinks to keep me awake I waited for the ballroom to open.

Slightly unnerving the first entrainment of the evening were the fire alarms going off, it seems the stage shows were practicing with equipment and the smoke machines set off the alarms, as the fetishists wandered around a couple of very hunky firemen came to investigate. Now firemen in uniform at a fetish event seemed very appropriate just more clothed than the rest of us.. sadly.

The pop up bars around the room provided great places to catch up with old friends who by now could relax and enjoy the evening before packing up and heading home.

The ball, well it is not a ball first off, it is like a vaudeville show, comprised of many acts, from the beautiful Evalyn Rose pouring what looked like hot red wax over herself. In actual fact is was sticky sugary liquid, very tasty on a very tasty lady.

The next show I had waited for with anticipation after meeting the cast and crew the day before. Mistress Saharra Huxly was making her debut at Fetcon this year. Their booth in the vendor hall rivaled clips for sale in size and crowds. The back of the booth played porn and in the front several lovely young ladies were tied and suspended and subtly tortured. They even were taken around the hall in a cage pulled by a male slave with Mistress Huxly sitting proudly on top.

Saharra Huxly, is a dominatrix, pro dom, clips for sale contributor, teacher of doms/subs and general bad ass. An ex Marine and body builder she is Amazon in stature and has a personality to match.

The show was elaborately built around her, with a drum band backing and creating atmosphere, she enters the stage with several slaves first in a cage and then one is chosen and strung from the frame with wonderful rope work and then flogged in front of and displayed to the audience. This Mistress is one to keep an eye on in the Fetish world.

Following Mistress Saharra Huxly was the Reverend B Dangerous freak show. the first time I had ever seen his act.. a weird and scary act consisting of hurting himself in various strange forms, like stapling things to his body, snorting worms and spitting them out of his nose were among the stomach churning activities on stage. I did enjoy the female super hero who went at his crotch with a sledge hammer.

In the words of Dr Hook. “I was freakin at the Freakers Ball” and I enjoyed every moment.

Ready for next year!
Sarah Wood


Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Traveling with toys

This weekend Slutzy had a quick visit to Chicago. And of course we are traveling with toy samples. As I prepared for the trip, packing up our wares, and then standing in line waiting to go through security, I started to think about people traveling with their toys. Do you shy away from taking them away with them, do you try to hide them, or do you walk through the airport with your bags buzzing with no care in the world?

We are all different and have levels of confidence when traipsing our most personal of belongings around the house let alone an airport. Having traveled with a kit of sex toys for many years now as I travel around running toy parties, I don't think too much about it. But I know there are several things one can do to make traveling with toys go smoothly.

First tip out of the gate; please clean toys before you pack... really embarrassing if one with dubious cleanliness is pulled out by tsa!!!!! Just saying and really I do hope that this does not apply to any of our followers.

So once cleaned with a good toy cleanser, remove batteries. If those buttons get accidentally pressed, not only do you alert everyone around you that you have a toy buzzing in your bag. It can also be hugely disappointing to arrive at your location and prepare for some fun when..... the batteries are dead.

Bring a spare set of batteries with you. This will stop the rushing to local drug store or gas station in the middle of the night all red and flustered.

Its a great idea to pack each toy in a separate bag. If the toys rub together the material that some are made of can melt into each other. Leaving you misshapen icky colored toys. I really like Sugar Sak for this. Each bag is made of fabric that is treated with an antibacterial ingredient this helps keep the clean toys clean.

When you pack them in your suitcase, place them all in one area, if you then get stopped and bags searched all the toys are in one place and helps the officer not have to take out every item of clothing and look through.

Don't forget your travel sized bottles of lube, maybe some fun flavors, massage oils and toy cleaner. If you don’t want to carry travel sized bottles bring along some pillow packs of each.

So have fun traveling this summer, don't leave BOB home, bring him and his friends with you for some extra fun in the sun.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Social Fresh East Conference. 

Tampa, Fl- tony Batman’s A Entertainment News – Way back in the day, well 2004, it was said that where sex and tech mix there is money to be made. And that the adult industry had been on the cutting edge of technology and leading innovations which then spread to the rest of the Fortune 500 companies. An article back in 2004 from USA Today quotes lots of the technologies advanced by the adult industry. These included many areas from video-streaming, fee based subscriptions, pop up ads and electronic billing.
But as recently this month the Techcitment blog reports that it is said that the old school adult industry believe they are cutting edge but the young guns of the industry disagree and feel the adult industry is struggling to play catchup. Many individual actors and performers are very current and leading the adult industry in their understanding and use of social media, but many of these younger individuals in the industry feel that the companies themselves are missing a great opportunity and will be left behind.
Maybe in the Adult industry we are too busy playing with other things than to play catch up. So its time to get our hands out of our pants and see what we can do and if indeed we are missing any opportunities and what those opportunities and innovations are. A brilliant chance is coming to Tampa next month in the form of Social Fresh Conference East.
The 17th and 18th of April 2013 will see this conference hosted at Double Tree by Hilton Hotels. Social Fresh is a social media education company whose goal is to inspire people to better businesses through social media. With two days packed with speakers from all sectors of industry it will prove to be an education that will deliver great, fresh ideas and help those lagging in this area and hopefully give us a glimpse into the future of social media.
Speakers will cover areas such as lessons learned from the 2012 elections, keys to success using Face book ads and social promotion, and word of mouth – your ultimate distribution channel.
We at the A Entertainment News, originating from TonyBatman.com, Our On Line broadcast Network,PlanetPlatypus.com,  all our fabulous sites are going to be attending, it is an exciting opportunity to be at such an event with speakers from all sectors of industry including Kevin Vine of Dunkin Donuts, Ryan Cohn of Sachs Media, Jason Keath of Social Fresh and Spike Jones of WCG, amongst many other speakers.
We can’t wait to be there and see what knowledge we can bring back to our Adult biz industry and share with you all too. As different as all these industries are; social media is arguably a make or break tool for companies.
Watch out here for updates, tips and innovations during the convention and see who we can talk to while there. The adult industry is always on the look out for the next fresh idea or look, so lets see what we can find at this event.
Please check out the event at www.socialfreshconference.com
Sarah Wood

Saturday, March 23, 2013

 Foxxxy Forum Radio show from a secret play house

Slutzy joined The Foxxxy Forum radio show tonight, which came from St Petersburg Florida. At secret location of the most fun sort. A Lifestyle/BDSM playhouse. Completely remodeled on a suburban street, in quiet neighborhood, and as with all quiet suburbia you never know whats going on behind closed doors.

Guests tonight include of course the Lady of the House. Domme Sahara and Domme Zuleika along with Michelle, Angye Fox and myself co hosting.

The Dommes Domain is a home that was gutted and fully remodeled. The custom made furniture includes a massage table that has been covered in leather, with a cut out to separate the legs, on each side of these legs are many hooks to tie to, whether your sub is face up or face down it works. The table also raises and lowers by a foot pedal for fun.

The walls are rich colors with great lighting and covered in amazing original art. With areas for foot worship complete with throne, a relax chill out area. With bathroom, kitchen, soft leather sofas, 10 foot high privacy fences outside so the hot tub can be used with no worries about neighbors. And under construction is a wet play area, let your imaginations run wild on that one.

Conversations run from swinger/bdsm crossover, use of protocol in a D/s relationship to how nice it is to be able to swear on a radio show.

Energy was high at the house as we chatted about the work that goes on here. From Mistress Saharas movie making escapades, the launch of the ZombieRiotMedia company of which this is part of. Officially to be launched at Fetish Con 2013. The house can be rented for photo shoots, educational seminars, educational sessions with the Domme, toy parties from Slutzy.com and overnight and weekend rentals for a great sexy weekend away. Situated just 10 minutes from the wonderful Florida beaches its the perfect sexy sojourn.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Valentines Day

Now lets face it, paying the mortgage, doing the grocery shopping and getting clothes on your back is important. Top priorities and in these cash strapped times, things like spending on Valentines may seem frivolous. Lets look at that a bit closer. Showing someone you love them can be done in so many ways, a look, a touch, and a gift are amongst them. Flowers die, chocolates make you fat and rot your teeth, but an experience can live in your memory forever. 

This Valentines day, make your loved one excited and happy and hopefully satisfied by trying something on their sexual bucket list. It may be a new toy, a new position or something little out of the ordinary you know they have been wanting to try out. 

A new toy is a gift that keeps on giving unlike other more traditional V day gifts. A recent newspaper article from England says that there is record spending on sex toys this year in the UK especially for Valentines Day.

No significant other this year, then treat yourself to something new, don't miss out on the fun. loving yourself is important for your health both mental and physical. 

Monday, January 21, 2013

Valentines Day and Chocolate

This weekend in Tampa, MOSI hosted a Chocolate Festival, a rather fabulous affair for us chocoholics, so much to choose from, so much to learn and so much to eat. But the event  did get me thinking about how chocolate has become so important to Valentines day and why it has the association with the celebration. 

While finding some cool Valentines products for our range on Slutzy.com, i was surprised to see even in the sex toy industry how much is inspired by chocolate smells and tastes. 

It starts with the rather famous Aztec ruler Montezuma. 2,000 years ago ish, chocolate was discovered and revered, made into wonderful frothy drinks to honor the gods with on special occasions. Montezuma himself developed the habit of drinking some before entering his harem as it was believed to have aphrodisiac properties. 

In the 16th Century Christopher Columbus brought it back to Europe and the legends grew around its mythical powers. At one time Nuns were forbidden to have any, as it was thought so strong and aphrodisiac. And those wonderful French doctors used it to treat "broken hearts". 

A company close to this Brits heart Cadbury of England in the 1800s brought chocolate to the masses and in 1861 Richard Cadbury made the first heart shaped box for Valentines day. 

So when indulging in some chocolate fun on Valentines day, like some chocolate body paint or powder, think back and thank those early people for finding such a wonderfully decadent treat for us all. 


Friday, January 11, 2013

How to buy a .......................

How to choose a vibrator perfect for you 

After years of meeting women at sex toy parties that I run, it has become very apparent that for many people when buying a vibrator,  it is a hit and miss non exact science. There is nothing worse than spending hard earned money on a toy to find it leaves you hanging.

So today's blog is just to give a few pointers on what to think about when making those fun purchases. 

So major things to factor in when you are looking at starting or adding to your toy collection;

Type of orgasm you are looking for. To begin with think about what type of orgasm you have, and what type of orgasm you want to have. It is a waste of effort to buy a g spot toy if you only have clitoral orgasm, but if you want to learn how to have g spot orgasms then you need a g spot toy.
If buying one with clitoral stimulator, think whether you like that stimulator to be harder or softer, all the little stimulators are different in this aspect.
Think about how much vibration you like, you can have one with 10 different speeds, but also three speeds may work just as well for you.
With a penetrative vibrator  think how you like the feel of the shaft, do you like it hard and solid, or something more flexible.

When you start out buying your toys, go for a medium price range, save the expensive all singing all dancing ones until you know what you like and what does it for you. That way you wont have a $200 vibrator sat in your nightstand collecting dust. 

Finally if you look after your toys they will look after you, keep them separated so the material doesn't degenerate and get nasty. I love the sugar sak product for this. Clean them often. A quick spray with a cleaner and wipe down is what you need to do this quickly and effectively.  This will all help your toy last longer. Happy toys make for happy owners!!!

Sarah www.slutzy.com