Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Traveling with toys

This weekend Slutzy had a quick visit to Chicago. And of course we are traveling with toy samples. As I prepared for the trip, packing up our wares, and then standing in line waiting to go through security, I started to think about people traveling with their toys. Do you shy away from taking them away with them, do you try to hide them, or do you walk through the airport with your bags buzzing with no care in the world?

We are all different and have levels of confidence when traipsing our most personal of belongings around the house let alone an airport. Having traveled with a kit of sex toys for many years now as I travel around running toy parties, I don't think too much about it. But I know there are several things one can do to make traveling with toys go smoothly.

First tip out of the gate; please clean toys before you pack... really embarrassing if one with dubious cleanliness is pulled out by tsa!!!!! Just saying and really I do hope that this does not apply to any of our followers.

So once cleaned with a good toy cleanser, remove batteries. If those buttons get accidentally pressed, not only do you alert everyone around you that you have a toy buzzing in your bag. It can also be hugely disappointing to arrive at your location and prepare for some fun when..... the batteries are dead.

Bring a spare set of batteries with you. This will stop the rushing to local drug store or gas station in the middle of the night all red and flustered.

Its a great idea to pack each toy in a separate bag. If the toys rub together the material that some are made of can melt into each other. Leaving you misshapen icky colored toys. I really like Sugar Sak for this. Each bag is made of fabric that is treated with an antibacterial ingredient this helps keep the clean toys clean.

When you pack them in your suitcase, place them all in one area, if you then get stopped and bags searched all the toys are in one place and helps the officer not have to take out every item of clothing and look through.

Don't forget your travel sized bottles of lube, maybe some fun flavors, massage oils and toy cleaner. If you don’t want to carry travel sized bottles bring along some pillow packs of each.

So have fun traveling this summer, don't leave BOB home, bring him and his friends with you for some extra fun in the sun.