Sunday, November 20, 2011

Fire It Up Cigar Festival Ybor City

Well this Slutzy girl had a very busy weekend, starting out at the Ybor City Fire It Up cigar party for the Cigar Festival which was on all weekend. Taking place in the garden of Ybor Historic Museum. I arrived to find the place hopping.  A wonderful band playing salsas and rumbas amongst other things, and some beautiful people dancing the evening away under the trees. The location is beautiful for an event such as this.  Food supplied by Carrabbas was delicious and various beverage companies there also. With wonderful tequilas, rums, vodkas and wine. As this girl was driving, I was sadly not able to try to many of the drinks.

This was the 13th Annual Ybor city Heritage and Cigar Festival. Where over the weekend thousands of cigar and heritage enthusiasts gather to celebrate the rich cultural heritage of Ybor and the cigar industry. Being a cigar virgin, this was a huge learning curve for me. 
My first ever cigar was lit by Cigar Dave, as he was there broadcasting his show. I then sat and chatted with many wonderful people. 

The sexy Foxxxy Dame was there, with the Foxxxy Forum broadcasting on Friday night, and I was privileged to sit with her,  Cynthia Fuentes and Kevin Godbee of the Cigar Chronicles, as I enjoyed my first ever cigar. And enjoy it I did. A Fuente 858. Thanks to John Fought for the picture. 

Now I did wonder if I would enjoy a cigar, and was suprised to find that I loved it. It must be one of the most relaxing things one can do. Sit with a good drink, a good cigar and good friends. 

Cynthia Fuentes was one of the most gracious hosts that I have met recently. Mrs Fuentes is part of the fourth generation of the Fuente family to be involved in the cigar industry. Her roots start in Cuba, with her great grandfather, her grandfather founded A. Fuente & Co in Tampa in 1912. I was a little awe struck sitting with the superstars of the cigar industry.

Cynthia also talked about the Cigar Family Charitable Foundation. A wonderful charity formed by the Newman and Fuente families to give back to the people of the Dominican Republic. There they have built schools, clinics and helped the community as a whole. Supported so well by these families, this charity is close to Cynthias heart and she talks with love and passion about the charity and the people of the DR. It was indeed a privilege to meet her and spend some time talking. 

Many thanks to the Foxxxy Dame for inviting me along to a wonderful event and popping my cigar cherry... now off to buy cigars. By the way, it is amazing how sexy a woman can look with the right cigar in her hand. 


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