Sunday, November 20, 2011

Hockey Night in Tampa, Lightning V Devils.

Well bloody hell, we have been playing so well lately. What happened? So last night this Slutzy girl, took herself down to see the Bolts playing. As a half season ticket holder, I love hockey, did I mention I LOVE hockey. As it has been a couple of weeks since seeing a game I was excited. Meeting a friend outside the Forum I took a moment to enjoy the fabulous newly renovated building. Amazing. It is like bright shiny new penny. The front entrance steps lead up to a well lit building, and the outside patio looks amazing. It was great to stand and watch the people up there. 

The square was full, music pounding, and people looking excited. There were many more blue  jerseys than red I was glad to see. 

The renovations inside are great also. The place is bright airy and full of natural energy. The only downside for me is the loss of the Guinness. Hey I am a Brit and I like Guinness at my hockey games. 

Even if you don't like hockey, the people watching opportunity is amazing. Cute cheer leaders around the place, shaking their thing for everyone. And people of every shape and size dressed in everyway. I always get a giggle watching the hockey girlfriend, first time at  a game and dressed in too few clothes to be near the ice and heels that will not manage the steps that well. 

I for one was dressed in knee high boots which are flat, sexy but practical in my opinion. I also managed to wear a rather low cut top, and as I have an aisle seat I do like to see how many men trip up the steps as they look at my boobs and not the steps. A great little hobby when a game gets boring.

So last night we did not bring our A game as a team. Roloson did a great job in goal, with one rather telling mistake which cost us... dearly... but that is the game. We had a third period late rally, but it was not enough. Coming back from 3 0 we managed to get to 3 2. But a little mishandling in the goal area and we went down 4 2. Great job to Shannon on his first goal this season, and we always love St Louis.  

So this Slutzy girl had a great night out with a friend, fun conversations, and it was great to see my team on the ice, yes it is a long season. Go Bolts. 

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