Friday, January 11, 2013

How to buy a .......................

How to choose a vibrator perfect for you 

After years of meeting women at sex toy parties that I run, it has become very apparent that for many people when buying a vibrator,  it is a hit and miss non exact science. There is nothing worse than spending hard earned money on a toy to find it leaves you hanging.

So today's blog is just to give a few pointers on what to think about when making those fun purchases. 

So major things to factor in when you are looking at starting or adding to your toy collection;

Type of orgasm you are looking for. To begin with think about what type of orgasm you have, and what type of orgasm you want to have. It is a waste of effort to buy a g spot toy if you only have clitoral orgasm, but if you want to learn how to have g spot orgasms then you need a g spot toy.
If buying one with clitoral stimulator, think whether you like that stimulator to be harder or softer, all the little stimulators are different in this aspect.
Think about how much vibration you like, you can have one with 10 different speeds, but also three speeds may work just as well for you.
With a penetrative vibrator  think how you like the feel of the shaft, do you like it hard and solid, or something more flexible.

When you start out buying your toys, go for a medium price range, save the expensive all singing all dancing ones until you know what you like and what does it for you. That way you wont have a $200 vibrator sat in your nightstand collecting dust. 

Finally if you look after your toys they will look after you, keep them separated so the material doesn't degenerate and get nasty. I love the sugar sak product for this. Clean them often. A quick spray with a cleaner and wipe down is what you need to do this quickly and effectively.  This will all help your toy last longer. Happy toys make for happy owners!!!


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