Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Not only do we make new years resolutions about our health and wealth and many other aspects of our lives. We also need to think about our most intimate lives and loves, and its a good time to take stock of what we are doing, have done and would like to try. Easy to get into a routine for many people, its time to wipe the slate clean and start fresh. Yes you may feel you are the most brilliant lover around, but even Casanova knew everyone could improve.

The Top 5 Resolutions that people make;

1. Treat your partner
Being unselfish is a wonderful aphrodisiac, make a great sex date for the both of you, and plan it carefully, whether its buying your partner a gift and presenting it to them surrounded by candles and roses and wine, or setting up a naked picnic in front of your favorite movie in your own front room. Doing something just for your partner will make you both feel great.

2. Make a list of your fantasies. OK this can be hard to put them down on paper, but once you do, they are easier to come to life. Explore your fantasies, script them and this will then give you the words to share them with your partner, and approach the subject. For the more impractical of fantasies writing it down, writing your own personal erotica will help fulfill that fantasy.

3. Introduce a new toy or two. We all love toys, they are fun and sexy. This year think about a new toy that you have wanted to try, set a sexy date with yourself or with a partner and try it out. Alternatively ask your partner to surprise you with a toy they have always wanted to use, you can do them same for them. What a great toy swap that will be. 

4. Dressing for bed. We all know dressing for sex is fun, we feel sexy, look sexy and the slow removal or lack of removal is enticing and a turn on. Discover some new outfits for that evening with your partner. Once you have written your fantasies the choice of outfit may come very easily.

5. Explore. From the beginning of time exploring has been fun and exciting. Think about those things you have wanted to try, research them and make them happen. Even if you hate it (and that is doubtful) it is great to explore and see what else you may like. It may be anal sex, BDSM, swinging, or threesomes, explore. Remember Safe, Sane and Consensual are great cornerstones for exploring. You could surprise yourself finding things you never knew you would enjoy. 

Enjoy the coming year in every way. A happy sex life, makes a healthier mind and body and who knows what you will achieve in the new year.

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