Sunday, January 6, 2013

Miss Pole Champ USA Tampa Fl 2013

Miss Pole Champ USA.

The date; January 5th 2013, the place; The Pink Pony Tampa, Fl. was the spot for the Southern heat of the MissPoleChampUSA contest. The Pink Pony was packed, standing room only. As we enter, the stage is lit and the regular club girls are dancing. It is a full nude strip club, so no drinking, but made up for by the cute girls on the stage, doing their thing and doing it well.

Tony Batmann is there from A Entertainment News, he is hosting along with last years winner Katie Sutra. She looks resplendent in a long silver sparkly evening gown. Tony as ever is on form, chatting, laughing, telling jokes and getting the crowd ready for a great evening. 

There are 10 contestants for this heat of the competition, all dancing sets have to be within strict time restrictions, and they are judged on a number of criteria. The judges line the stage and make notes on each girl, costume, music, transition from one to another pole, particular moves and all the other details. 

The girls all look good, and close to where I am standing a number of them warm up, stretching. Wow they are flexible and strong.. (note to self; time to start pole dancing lessons.) Not being used to seeing regular dancers warm up, these girls are serious. As they should be as there is serious money and a title to compete for.

As the girls compete, we see amazing aerobatic moves to great music. The pole is used with precision to make it look like an Olympic sport. A bit like when you watch motor sports i am waiting for the accident, someone to fall off the pole or something, but luckily  none of them do. A couple of fast descents down the pole has us all catching our breath. 

I, of course, had a couple of favorite dancers I was routing for, but they all did a great job, sexy, hot and talented, what else can you ask for on a pole. One of my favorite came out dressed as a boxer, short sexy robe, gloves, mask, and boots. The music was awesome and she was as energetic as a boxer in a light weight bout. Another had a burlesque flair to her, with silver sparkles and dark heavy beat burlesque jazz music to start off her routine. 

Check out the website at and if you can go to another regional heat. It is a lot of fun to watch. 

Congratulations to Vayda Kiss for winning last night. Good luck to all the dancers who competed, and best wishes to those in the next heats.

Sarah - 

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