Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Some Of Our Favorite Toys Of 2012

Of course everyone has their favorite toy or toys. Some of us have whole toy chests filled to brim.

The ones that stand out for me this year, some are old favorites that people are discovering and some are newly designed or new improved models.

1. Icicles Flogger and Dildo.
This is a beautifully designed toy with rave reviews from our customers. It is a delightful mix of two toys, a glass dildo and a soft suede flogger. Duel purpose, the dildo can be warm or icy like any glass toy, but mixed with the leather floggers it takes play to another level. Used for sensation play and impact play depending on how you like your flogging. 

2. Shane Diesel Dildo. Well what can I say about this one, take home your favorite porn star and play to your hearts content or until other parts of you are content. A life size replica of  one of the best bits of his anatomy. 

3. Ohmibod club vibe 2.  This is the ultimate public play toy. It is a discrete vibe that sits in its own panties or your own panties. The remote control can be controlled by you or a friend and covers a good distance. With a number of settings of intensity it has everything to suit everyone. The best bit about this one is that you are able to put it on club mode, which makes it vibrate to music. Dance yourself to orgasm.

4. Bgee Massager. A sleek design, made just to hit that g spot. A great toy for g spot beginners and explorers as well as the old hands at it. Gets to the spot easy without cranking your wrist in a difficult positions. Brilliant is what our customers say.

5. Super Head Honcho.  One for the guys. Award winning designed male masturbater. Has three suction chambers to heighten the pleasure and make things feel even better than good. From our reviews it feels like the real thing. 

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